Sunday night

Spring Fling officially finishes after the Sunday morning class. But of course, no one wants it to end! It will have gone by far too quickly….

Thankfully, we’ve thought of everything! Stay with us in Paris for an extra night of festivities! We have planned an extra special evening dance combining a Scottish ceilidh with American contra dancing – the perfect finish to the weekend.

Unfamiliar with American contra dance? Think of it as a bit like Scottish Country Dancing’s cousin. Originating in New England, American contra dance isn’t danced in sets of three or four couples, but instead in sets stretching the length of the room. Unlike the skipping and hopping of Scottish Country Dancing, American contra has dancers walking in rhythm with the music, with some clapping of hands and stamping of feet as well! The two dance styles together, Scottish ceilidh and American contra, are the perfect blend for a night full of fun and energy!