Dance programmes

You can find the dance programmes below. They are also available on SCDDB and as PDF files:

Note that dancers who only wish to take part in the evening dances can reserve their places in advance.

Welcome dance (Friday evening, 19th April 2019)

1. Joie de Vivre J32 3/4L Maarseveen: RSCDS XXXIX
2. The Spring Fling Reel R40 3/4L Burton: RSCDS 50
3. Lady Glasgow S32 3/4L MMM
4. Chased Lovers J32 3/4L Wilson: World Wide Weavings
5. Auld Lang Syne S32 3/4L Wilson: RSCDS XXVII
6. Major Ian Stewart J32 3/4L Drewry: RSCDS XXXV
7. Love in the Marais R32 4/4L Fromherz: Paris Book 1
8. The Falkirk Lass S32 3/4L Brunken: Moments
9. Sleepy Maggie R32 3/4L Bowman: RSCDS XI
10. Miss Allie Anderson J32 3/4L Corson: RSCDS Leaflets
11. The Ullapool Ferry R32 4/4L Houghton: RSCDS LII
12. MacDonald of the Isles S32 3/3L Haynes: Carnforth 2
13. The Sailor R32 3/4L RSCDS XXIV
14. Dance of Love S32 3/3L Fromherz
15. The Elephant’s Stampede J48 4S Macdonald&Mackintosh;: Aurora 10
16. Montparnasse S32 4/4L Dix: Reel Friends 3
17. Les Remparts de Séville J32 3/4L Latour: RSCDS 50
18. The Reel of the Royal Scots R32 3/4L Goldring: RSCDS Leaflets
19. Extra: City Lights J32 3/4L Scott: RSCDS LII

Ball (Saturday evening, 20th April 2019)

1. Nice to See You R32 3+3RR Craig: RSCDS XL
2. Fair Enough J32 4/4L Halpenny: RSCDS LI
3. The Braes of Tulliemet S32 3/4L RSCDS VII
4. The Cranberry Tart J32 3/4L Glasspool: 7 Year Itch
5. Noces d’Argent M32 3/4L Rousseau: Paris Book 1
6. The College Hornpipe R32 3/4L Boag (18C): RSCDS XX
7. Hooked on Bells J32 4/4L Paterson
8. The Glasgow Highlanders S32 2/4L Gillies: RSCDS II
9. Love is in the Air R48 3/4L Eysseric
10. John of Bon Accord R32 3/4L Goldring: RSCDS XXXIII
11. Ruby Wilkinson’s Farewell to Cranshaws S32 4/4L Brown: RSCDS LII
12. Links with St Petersburg J32 3/4L Brown: RSCDS XLVI
13. The Kissing Bridge R32 3/4L Butterfield: RSCDS XLVII
14. Gang the Same Gate S32 3/4L Levy: RSCDS XXXVI
15. The Wedding Link J32 3/4L Christie: Dancing Thistles
16. Orage à Lyon S32 3/3L Hilpert
17. Four of Diamonds J40 4/4L Russell: Imp 1-3
18. The Deil amang the Tailors R32 3/4L RSCDS XIV
19. Extra: Da Rain Dancin’ R32 3/4L Wallace: Whiteadder